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We hope you know how much our family appreciates everything you have done for us during our daughter’s SSDI appeal process. We know that we would not have succeeded in obtaining a favorable decision without your expert preparation and legal representation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism, patience and respect shown to us throughout the process. Thank you for taking time to address our countless concerns and questions during the preparation phase, and for the experienced legal representation during the hearing. We felt fortunate to have you in our corner.

- K Alloway

APEX Disability Law LLC provides a valuable service to our community by helping individuals with physical or mental disabilities obtain the Social Security benefits they need to survive. This can make the difference between living a life with dignity or living a life on the streets. You have made a difference in our daughter’s life and ours. We will not hesitate to refer anyone needing help with Social Security benefits to your firm.

- K Alloway

I just want to thank the Attorney and his Firm for the support and guidance they gave me throughout the case. I truly appreciate their knowledge and ability that carried me through to the end. I am so grateful.

- M Bellaire

I received such patient and caring help from your office. I was given so much more information and communication to help in my case and understanding of the process that my prior lawyer never gave. I truly wish I had found your office sooner and perhaps I wouldn’t have had to file 3 times and wait six years. Thank You!

- C. Daniels

Everyone was diligent in following up on my case. Anestesia was kind and informative on all occasions. Attorney Earl gave timely advice and guided me with calm and responsible counsel. Thank You!

- W. McCormack

Mr. Steven Earl was very professional, well organized, and was well prepare for my case. He helped me prepare for my hearing and did a great job representing me and got me approved for my social security disability. Before Apex Disability I was denied my benefits on 3 occasions.

- L. Craig