How do I know if I am eligible for Social Security Disability?

This is a commonly asked question that involves many different variables. First of all, The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) will look at whether you are working at or above Substantial Gainful Activity Levels (“SGA”), as discussed in some earlier blog posts. If you are working below SGA, then you need to know which of the » Read More

Substantial Gainful Activity—What is it?

In an earlier post, I provided a quick overview of the role that Substantial Gainful Activity (“SGA”) plays in the disability process, an earnings amount that the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) looks at when determining ones eligibility for benefits. If you make more than SGA, you are not eligible for benefits, if you make less » Read More

What is Social Security Disability?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what Social Security Disability is. In this post, I will be providing a quick overview of the programs available from The Social Security Administration (“SSA”). SSA offers two different programs for the disabled, Supplemental Security Income and Disability Insurance Benefits. While the eligibility for each differs, they both » Read More

About Apex Disability Law

Apex Disability Law is a law firm dedicated to assisting disabled individuals in their claims for Social Security Disability benefits. We assist in both Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) claims, and claims under the Disability Insurance Benefits program. We also assist clients in all stages of the process from applications to hearings and appeals to the » Read More

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